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“Safe drinking water is essential to humans and other lifeforms. Access to safe drinking water has improved over the last decades in almost every part of the world, but approximately one billion people still lack access to safe water and over 2.5 billion lack accesses to adequate sanitation“.

AWF (which lead this activity in YR) specialized in providing water and wastewater treatment projects, we understand that ensuring the supply of drinking water and wastewater treatment and service is essential to modern life and the Nation’s economy.

AWF understand that one of the most important uses of water is in agriculture, which is a key component to produce enough food. Other important area is to provide drinking water and wastewater services, including sewage treatmentIt’s clear that safe drinking water is protecting public health and all human activity. Properly treated wastewater is vital for preventing disease and protecting the environment.

AWF is dedicated to deliver the highest quality water and wastewater treatment technology to her clients, by utilizing state-of-the-art design and manufacturing facilities and wastewater treatment systems that reflect the most cost effective and technically reliable solutions for present challenging water problems.

AWF offers projects which include ultra-high purity water systems, high quality water for make-up systems, land-based water treatment systems, including seawater desalination systems and more.

AWF has a professional team of experts with both comprehensive knowledge and international experience in all the fields of water.

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