YR is a Global Business Development & Projects Group in the following markets: India, Israel and CIS. YR was founded by former key personnel who have filled a line of Strategic positions in these Regions.

YR is covering the full cycle of Projects Managing – Funding, Technology and Implementation. The company has far reaching access and capabilities to bring innovative thinking, deep understanding of the markets and professional expertise; providing unique solutions for new world challenges.

YR understands that each and every one of our partners has unique requirements, so we carefully prepare a tailored fitted plan for their specific needs.

YR has large experience in the Offset Market enabling our team to provide a wide range of solutions for simple as for complex offset challenges which assists us in leading our partners through the main phases of Offset steps – Detecting unique technologies, Shifting of existing knowledge and manufacturing lines and to Establish technological infrastructures abroad.

YR’s global network, professional skills and real-world experience, has helped develop the capabilities and procedures to present our clients and partners with the added value services we provide.

YR finds supreme efficiency in cooperation with local companies to connect between the unique demands of the different regions to the exceptional technology of our partners.

YR has an extensive experience in connecting the dots between the demands on the one side and the solutions on the other. All these by understanding the difficulties of the foreign markets and filling the gap of the cultural boundaries.